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Included free of charge: our proprietary 7-volume guide to the GRE, iOS app, 8 practice tests, and 40 hours of extra online instruction.

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We know that most GRE companies promise "small classes", the "best instructors", or the "personal experience". We prefer to let the data speak for itself.

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Our teachers are the one percent. In a good way.

Sherpa instructors are rigorously trained and chosen for their teaching skills, not just their 99th percentile scores.

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In Addition, Every Sherpa GRE Course Guarantees:


Get unlimited free help every Sunday evening at our Dupont Circle location or live online.


We limit our courses to an average of 12 students to ensure that classes are interactive and student-friendly.


Our instructors meet privately with students twice per course to provide personalized guidance.

A Sunday morning GRE course at our Dupont Circle location

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We know that education is not one size fits all. To ensure that our students are covered — no matter the need or circumstance! — every Sherpa GRE prep course also includes:

Our Free-Repeat Guarantee

Enroll in a second course one time, free of charge, for any reason. No fine print. Good for up to one year.

Flexible Scheduling

Reschedule any class that you've missed or can't attend for just $10 per class.

Heavily-Discounted 1-1 Help

Get private one-on-one help during or after your course for just $40 per hour.

Targeted Repeating

Retake up to 3 classes — your choice! — for only $20 per class.

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Last summer, I knew ZERO math. I'm not kidding, I couldn't divide, I had forgotten literally everything about triangles and angles and (/completely/) everything. The last time I had taken a math course was in sophomore year of high school. I've been out of college for a while, so I didn't know what to expect coming into a GRE prep course. I was completely surprised. This is the single greatest investment I have EVER made, hands down. Nasheed was the best! I went from being able to do no math at all…to being more than competent at everything I needed to do. I gave myself enough time to take the GRE twice, but I didn't need to! I applied to schools, and I was accepted to Stanford, Cornell, and UCLA...

See Scott’s full review

I signed up for the Sherpa GRE prep course sort of skeptically, but was shocked to find out how wrong I'd been: this class is absolutely of the highest quality and well worth every penny. I've taken other prep classes before that barely helped me and so was really surprised that this course was really very different.

Through sheer luck, I got Jay as my instructor (if you can, make sure you get him - he is amazing). He was extremely smart, knowledgeable, clear and thorough. He led each class through complex math equations, breaking down concepts into manageable pieces. He was very personable and in touch with student reactions - drawing us out if we had questions, approaching problems differently if needed to make sure we understood. (Each class also covered verbal tactics, but I came in most needing the math help, so this review is based on that.) ...

See Isabelle’s full review

 Sherpa Prep is *incredible*. I mean, this truly is as good as it gets. Even if you consider yourself to be smart, self-motivated and a good test taker, the Sherpa classes give you every tool you could possibly need to score high on the test. I took the GRE in 2014 and got a 150 on quant, 156 on verbal. I took it again four days ago after an 8-week Sherpa GRE course and got a 155 on quant and 164 on verbal...

See R.A.’s full review

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Sherpa Prep GRE program with Jay. My primary goal in attending the program was to boost my math score, which was a pretty big task since I had not taken a math course since struggling through high school math six years before. While learning all the math skills needed to be successful on the GRE seemed daunting, the Sherpa Prep program introduced the material incrementally each week, making the learning process a lot less stressful...

See Griffin’s full review

Where do I start? Nafeez is simply the best instructor you can get within the DC metropolitan area. He is absolutely dedicated to seeing his students succeed and makes himself available as well outside class....

See Olayinka’s full review

I cannot recommend Nafeez and Sherpa enough.  As a baseline, their lesson plans are incredibly straightforward, concise, and provide you with all of the information you need to successfully take the test. Beyond their lesson plans, Nafeez was ridiculously flexible with my difficult schedule; I travel full time as a consultant and constantly had to change times, and Nafeez was always so accommodating and supportive throughout the whole process.

The other great thing about Sherpa and Nafeez was he took the time to understand my working style, strengths, and weaknesses. He quickly sussed out where I needed support, and made me rep out as many problems as we could find until I had worked out the concept and was able to do it on my own.

Nafeez was also incredibly transparent, honest, supportive, and no BS - exactly what you need in a test instructor. When I was slacking, he pulled me up; when I was feeling insecure about the test, he could tell and made me feel more confident about my abilities. I could tell he genuinely was invested in my success...

See Teaba’s full review

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