Our Instructors

Our teachers are the 1%. In a good way.

To teach for Sherpa Prep, an instructor must have three qualifications.

  • A score in the top one percent of GRE test-takers.
  • An advanced degree, such as an MBA, JD, MA or PhD, or current enrollment in such a program.
  • At least two years of teaching experience.

Of the applicants who meet these standards, only 1 in 4 are ever hired. That’s because personality matters. Not every GRE instructor has the ability to engage a class or to explain concepts in a manner that any student can understand. Quite frankly, many do not.

Nasheed Teaching Class

Nasheed teaching a Wednesday evening course at our Dupont Circle location

At the start of our hiring process, we conduct a rigorous interview to ensure that the candidate can connect with students and clarify difficult concepts through dialogue. If hired, the candidate then undergoes two months of paid training before graduating to limited teaching assignments under the supervision of a veteran instructor.

If the assignments go well, the instructor is given a two-month teaching assignment in the presence of a veteran instructor who provides extensive feedback to finalize the training process. Only then is an instructor allowed to teach a Sherpa course on his or her own.

To ensure that we retain our instructors, we pay over twice the industry standard, and in the case of outstanding veteran instructors, as much as three to four times that amount. This means that many of our instructors have been with us for years and, in some cases, for nearly a decade.

If you meet our qualifications, and are interested in teaching for Sherpa Prep, send us an email. We’re always looking for great instructors!