Thank You, Students!

Here's a free hour of tutoring for you and $50 off for your friends.

We are humbled and deeply grateful for the enthusiasm and devotion that our students have shown us over the years. So many of you have recommended us to your friends and colleagues, in some cases more than a decade after your course has ended. We never thought that a test prep company could inspire so many evangelists and so much goodwill! Thank you, sincerely, for all your kindness and for your help in making our mission a reality.

We wish to pay your gratitude forward. All friends and colleagues of current or former Sherpa Prep students can now receive a $50 discount when they enroll in a Sherpa Prep GRE or GMAT prep course.

In addition, the student who recommends us will be offered either a free hour of 1-on-1 tutoring for each friend who enrolls after March 2021, or a $50 charitable donation made on their behalf to Smart with a Heart, whichever they prefer. Just enter the names and email addresses of both parties below to receive a $50 promo code and we'll reach out to your friend when you enroll!

$50 off for Friends of Sherpa Prep Students!

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