What we use to prepare you for the GRE.

In addition to 26 hours of classroom instruction and free office hours on Sunday evenings, every Sherpa GRE course includes the following materials, free of charge:

  • Our exclusive seven-volume guide to the GRE, Master Key to the GRE.
  • More than thirty hours of online video content.
  • Six computer-based practice exams.
  • Our new app for iPhones and iPads, “GRE Math by Sherpa Prep”.

Like our course, our books have been designed to help you solve every question on the GRE. They explain all of the tough concepts that no other GRE prep book covers, as well as the easy ones.

Every book is devoted to a specific group of topics. In each chapter, the discussion starts with a careful review of the most basic aspects of that topic and then builds, bit by bit, to a treatment of every rare and advanced nuance tested by the GRE.

Along the way, our books let you know which topics are commonly tested and which ones are not so that you can determine for yourself which topics are worth your time. The discussions are organized by level of difficulty, as well as by topic, so you can see which topics you need to master in order to get elite scores and which topics you can afford to skip if you’re only looking for average or above average scores.

In addition, Master Key to the GRE includes over 1,500 practice questions. That’s more than any other resource out there. Like our discussions, our practice questions are sorted by difficulty, as well as by topic, so that you can focus on any level of material and on any topic that you like.

Most of the solutions in our books come in the form of animated videos. We understand that the short, written explanations found in other GRE handbooks are often insufficient for students who find standardized tests challenging.

By providing video solutions, we are able to talk you through our practice problems, every step of the way, so that you can follow along easily and see where your solutions went wrong.

In many cases, you’ll find that our animated videos discuss multiple ways to solve a question. In math, there is often more than one way to solve a problem. Not all of these approaches, however, are equally efficient. Our videos discuss the best of these approaches to ensure that you’re exposed to a solution that’s fast and easy to understand

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you’ll also be able to access our math books and videos through our new app: “GRE Math by Sherpa Prep” . The app allows you to bookmark pages, underline text, and take notes. It also allows you to design practice quizzes, create study lists, make error logs, and keep statistics on just about everything.

You get to see the difficulty level of your quiz questions, as well as the time it took you to answer each of them. You even get to compare your performance to that of other users. You see how frequently other users were able to solve the questions on your quiz and how long it took them, on average, to do so.