Our Philosophy

How we are different.

As you can see from the chart below, we are different. We offer a level of help and expertise that, frankly, is unmatched by other GRE companies.

Sherpa is Special.

We know that most GRE companies promise the "personal experience", "the best instructors", or "the better way to prep". We prefer to let the data speak for itself. From our free office hours to our instructor qualifications to our guaranteed small class sizes to our reviews, we think you’ll see that no one compares to Sherpa.

Kaplan Logo Sherpa Prep Logo Manhattan Prep Logo Princeton Logo
Course 4 weeks
21 hours
8 weeks
26 hours
8 weeks
24 hours
4 weeks
24 hours
Free office hours None Unlimited None None
Free private check-ins 0 3 0 0
Max students No max Average of 12 No max No max
Instructor qualifications 90% 99%
MA or higher,
2 years exp
99% 80%
one-on-one hours
$400 for 3 hours $65 per hour $510 for 2 hours $1,800 for 10 hours
Free-repeat option No Yes No No
Price $1,299 $799 $1,399 $999

Our small class sizes, free office hours, heavily-discounted one-on-one help, and free-repeat option go well beyond industry standards.

If you’re like many of our prospective students, though, you may be wondering why our GRE course is less expensive than others on the market. How we can offer a better product — and yes, what we offer is truly better — yet still charge less money?

In short: Because we choose to. We’re a local company. We don’t have the expensive overhead that our national competitors do. And we don’t feel the need to scare students into higher prices. Giving students the best possible experience at a good price is something that’s important to us. We’re teachers. We care about what we do and we care about helping people.

Yes, we could offer shorter classes with fewer perks, and we could raise our prices considerably. Doing so, however, would make us just like everyone else. We exceed industry standards because students deserve better. Were we to offer anything less, our students would be a lot less successful — and Sherpa Prep a lot less popular.