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Help us make a difference, one student at a time.

Become an Instructor

We are always on the lookout for kind, compassionate teachers who:

  • love to help others;
  • want to make a difference; and
  • think standardized tests are easy (and kind of fun).

If you or someone you know is great at standardized tests and loves to teach, please reach out to us at! We offer our instructors an amazing support system, a fantastic teaching environment, and the opportunity to teach 100% remotely or in person, whichever they prefer.

In addition, all our teachers enjoy:

FantasticTeaching Tools

Fantastic Teaching Tools

Our curriculum, materials, and teaching techniques are by far the best in the industry.


Flexible Scheduling

Work as few as 3 hours a week, or a lot more. Set your own schedule.


Great Compensation

We pay twice the industry standard, and even more for outstanding veteran teachers.


Ongoing Mentorship

Guidance and support from our exceptionally experienced team whenever you need it.

It's vital to us that our instructors are happy and are given everything that they need to thrive, and we do everything within our power to make it so!

GRE Specialist Teaching

Jay hosting free office hours on a Sunday evening

Become a Social Media Intern

If you love social media, you've come to the right place. We are looking for social media enthusiasts to help us build our brand and enhance our standing on a wide range of platforms. For 120 hours of assistance, our interns receive:

  • a full scholarship to one of our industry-leading GRE or GMAT courses;
  • consulting help with graduate school admissions; and
  • resume editing and cover letter editing for job searches.

We are also happy to work with your college or university for academic credit, whenever possible.

Our work can be done 100% remotely and spread out over several months, in any way that works for you. We are happy to accommodate a busy schedule! If you or someone you know is interested in becoming one of our social media interns, please take a look at our social media accounts (@sherpaprep), some of which are embarrassingly bare (or awkwardly amateur). Then submit your resume, along with the following information, to

  • A brief introduction and the start date that you'd like to begin.
  • An analysis of what you like and don't like about our social media presence, and how you would fix it.
  • A low cost way to build brand awareness at your university or in your local area.
  • A fun fact or something that makes you weird.
  • Any evidence of prior work with social media. No pressure if you do not have anything to share! We all start at the beginning.

We hope to invest sincerely in your future and to offer you the experience of helping a small business build brand awareness, gain visibility, and achieve scale.

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