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A new standard for GRE and GMAT test prep.

Here's why Sherpa is special.

Most test prep companies promise "small classes", the "best instructors", or a "personalized experience". We prefer to offer you a side-by-side comparison to let you see for yourself. Measure ourGRE courseorGMAT courseagainst those of other test prep providers, and you'll see that we offer a level of help and expertise that, frankly, is unmatched. From more classroom time, to free office hours, to heavily-discounted 1-1 help, to the option to enroll in a second course at no cost, we know you'll find that no one compares to Sherpa.

We offer all this help because students are worth it. We're teachers. We care about what we do and we care about helping people. Giving students the best possible experience is something that's important to us. Yes, we could offer shorter classes with fewer perks, and we could raise our prices considerably. Doing so, however, would make us just like everyone else. We exceed industry standards because students deserve better. Were we to offer anything less, our students would be a lot less successful - and Sherpa Prep a lot less popular.

Experience the difference.

Here's what to expect.

Every Sherpa GRE or GMAT course is capped at 12 enrollees and led by an instructor with 99th percentile scores and extensive teaching experience.

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Outside of class, students have access to an ecosystem of support features, such as as free office hours and 1-1 "check-ins", and are given weekly assignments from our wealth of materials. The depth and extent of what we teach goes well beyond what you'll find anywhere else. Whether you're starting from scratch or need help with the advanced stuff, we have it covered. 

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Hear what our students have to say!

Real student reviews from Google, Yelp! and Trustpilot.

A 5-star Yelp review doesn't even begin to do Sherpa Prep justice. Sherpa provides outstanding and effective test preparation for all verbal and quant levels, and I mean all. Sherpa helped me raise my GMAT score by over 200 points

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I can't recommend Sherpa Prep highly enough. I did a lot of research before choosing a GMAT prep course and I'm confident I couldn't have made a better choice.

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For anyone who is unsure, I guarantee that Sherpa is the best GRE preparation option in the DMV area, hands down. Honestly, Jay and his team are amazing. The interpersonal nature of the course — in person classes, optional personal tutoring, and Sunday office hours — is just one of the aspects that make the Sherpa Prep experience. The comprehensive set of books paired with the mobile app and various practice tests and exams provided everything needed for success on the GRE. [...] Prepare to put in the work, and you will surely see results.

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My instructor was Nafeez and the way he teaches is very detailed and insightful. If you have a question never will you feel scared to ask and he will always explain it out to you. The classes might be 3.5 hours but they went by so fast because he incorporates inspirational tips of what business school wants/is, what the GMAT is about, the psychological factors on test day, etc. which also gives a refreshing perspective and makes you strive harder to reach your goal.

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The Sherpa program and instructors are hands down the best in the business! The program is structured to build from basic fundamentals, which is great for any kind of student (i.e. haven't seen math in 10 +years, or just coming out of undergrad). The instructors are all VERY smart, committed to their student's success and great at breaking concepts down for easier explanations. The classes are small enough, making it easy for students to ask questions, not get lost in the crowd, and learn at their own pace [...] I cannot thank my instructors and tutors enough for their help! I could not have achieved my goal of getting into a doctorate program without them.

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