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Sherpa’s GRE review was outstanding. Not only was the course content concise, well presented, and of meticulous detail, but also exceptional in the way it was taught. Nafeez has a magical way of presenting the information so that it makes sense, is not intimidating, and did so in a relaxed manner that leaves you enjoying every minute of the 4hr class. It is hard to believe that Sherpa can deliver such a stellar product for a fraction of the cost, on top of delivering this in a personalized, easy to access format. I can’t say enough good things about Sherpa…well worth the money, fabulous, don’t go any where else!!!

A GRE course that is effective, affordable, and actually enjoyable. I took a Saturday Arlington course with Jay, who is one of the founders. He is not only competent, but also energetic and hilarious. As he had designed much of the custom course materials, like the 'math bible' and the course strategy guides, the class felt like getting an insider’s scoop. Their approach to the essays was particularly helpful. Coming from friends' stories, other courses like Kaplan are over $1,000 and instructors struggle to explain things in a clear and engaging way. Sherpa definitely beats everything else out there.

SHERPA PREP=EPIC GRE RESULTS!!!!!!! Sherpa Prep's GRE course is the best GRE prep course in the Washington, DC area!!! Everything on the GRE is broken down to the tee, and you receive great individual attention, the instructors are highly attentive, intuitive, most importantly they know their stuff and can teach it anyone!!!!

I took the GRE yesterday, and ended up with a 169 Verbal and 153 Quantitative. The ETS score conversion table tells me that roughly equates to a 740 and 680, respectively, on the old scoring system. This is 100 points better than my previous practice test, and 70 points above what I needed. Thank you! I'm a really satisfied customer, and a friend of mine already signed up for your course in February. I had a great time with Jouya. He was knowledgable, engaging, calm, kind. Wonderful teacher. Thanks again for the class. I'm going to rep it to everybody I know.

In sum: better value, smaller class sizes, great course materials, great instruction. When I was searching for a GRE prep course, I considered the following things: small class sizes, # of hours of instruction, overall price, and what instruction materials were provided. After comparing the various prep courses available in the DC area, I gambled and selected Sherpa which didn't have the brand recognition of the big names like Kaplan or Princeton Review. My experience was top notch - great instruction (thanks to Jouya), great price, small class size (about 6 people in my class), and course materials that included online practice exams and youtube how to videos which corresponded to all of practice problems. I just took the GRE yesterday, and received a range of 1420-1570. So nice to be done the exam, and I highly recommend Sherpa.

Small class sizes and instructors dedicated to teaching both content and strategy set Sherpa apart from the pack. The instructors focus on tailoring the material to the students, and the small class sizes make this possible. I've done prep classes for the SAT, LSAT, and financial designations, and the instruction I received from Sherpa was light-years ahead of anything else I've experienced. Plus, the price is impossible to beat. Highly recommended!

Jay and Nasheed, I just got my revised GRE scores:

Quant: 155 (= 710)
Verbal: 157 (= 560)
Essays: 5

I want to thank SherpaPrep for all the help in getting me prepared. The absolute best part of the study program are the videos of how to do the homework...I really liked checking to see if I solved the problem the quickest way possible. Also the way Jay looks at a problem and tells you what should be going through your head (rules/things to remember) really helped too.

Your materials are so great. I took a kaplan course several years ago and I feel the strategy guides you have developed are light years beyond what I got from that course. They really help breakdown the concepts and make it far more managable to learn. Jouya has also been really great to work with. He's helping me with bringing back all those memories of math and verbal and helping me breakdown the problems so I do not feel overwhelmed and can answer them correctly.

I signed up for prep class with Sherpa last spring, and the course turned out to be exactly what I needed. Despite being quite inexpensive, it was comprehensive and provided me with all the tools required to be fully ready for the test. The Sherpa strategy guides are infinitely better than any of the GRE prep books available for sale, it just doesn't compare. I am not very good at math and had done none for the past seven years, but the Sherpa practice sets and YouTube videos got me back on my feet pretty quickly! Our teacher, Jay, had great teaching skills and was dynamic enough to get everyone's attention during these weekly evening classes. He was also nice, super-reactive and never failed to answer emails promptly. Sherpa also did a great job at adapting to the new GRE by revising all of the strategy guides etc. I certainly wouldn't have done so well on the test were it not for Sherpa.

This course was excellent. Nafeez is one of the best teachers of any subject that I have every had. All the staff are really nice and you do not feel like they are trying to squeeze you for money.

I had a great experience with Sherpa. I was apprehensive of taking their GRE course as I had never heard of them before. But after reading reviews and speaking with Jay, I decided to sign up and I do not regret it. They are very accommodating and helpful. My questions were always answered and my tutoring preferences were catered to (at the last minute no less!). They truly look out for their students and go above and beyond to help you. I haven't gotten my scores back, but from the first practice exams up until the exam it was obvious the progress I had made with Sherpa Prep. Ultimately preparing for an exam of this magnitude is on you as a person and how much you put into it. However, Sherpa Prep gives you all the tools to succeed and offers even more support beyond the classroom, which was very comforting for me and my neurotic tendencies. I would definitely recommend this prep company to everyone who is self motivated and trying to succeed. My only complaint was that I was in the Bethesda location which for some reason is notorious for starting late (maybe due to the inaccessibility of the location, I am not sure). It was frustrating but we made it through, I would recommend signing up for a location in DC or VA. Seth was my instructor and Nafeez was my tutor and they both were great! Good luck studying!

Thanks a lot for all the help in preparing for the GRE's. I know you all like to know the scores, so i figured i'd send mine along.

Verbal: 163 = 650
Math: 154 = 690
Total: = 1340

I am very happy with these scores! Thank you so much.

Seth, just wanted to let you know that I took the revised exam today and got somewhere between 1370-1560. My qualitative score was 660-760 and my quantitative was 710-800. The weed brownies I ate last night really helped. Ha! Just kidding! Not true! I've never done drugs! You don't need to destroy your computer!

Jouya, I just got out of my GRE exam.

Verbal: 750-800
Math: 670-770

This was far exceeding what I expected, and I am quite happy! Thank you for your help in class. Appreciate it so very much!

Hi Jay, I completed my 8 week course with Nasheed and I just wanted to say thank you for hiring Nasheed! She is an excellent teacher and I learned a lot from her during my 8 week course. This hands down, is the best GRE course I've taken ever (much better than Kaplan). This has been a great experience and I will recommend Sherpa Prep to anyone looking to take the GRE in this area. Thank you once again and I wish Sherpa much success. Thanks

Seth, I hope you're doing well! Thanks for alleviating my confusion on the admission ticket thing...I was nervous for a minute there. So, I took the revised GRE today, and I'm quite pleased with my scores. I got a 750-800 on the Verbal and 670-770 on the Math. Ironically, that is the exact same score that I got when I retook the ETS practice exam on Friday, so I suppose that the ETS practice exam was a very good predictor of how I would actually do. Thanks for your help with everything!

Thank you so much for a wonderful class. It had been many years since I had done math and, to be honest, I was never great at math. I was nervous about taking the GRE and had avoided it for years. Your class was more than I hoped for. Sarah, the class instructor, was great. She was very comforting and made everything seem simple. The note packets were great, too. They broke everything down in a way that I could understand. Thank you again for everything!!!!

I just want to say thanks for your great instruction! I was recommended to Sherpa by a friend and I will certainly recommend it to others. I had my test yesterday and even though I felt like it was kicking my butt, my scores turned out well. I managed a 790 math, and 580 verbal. I took the GRE about 2 years ago and scored a 1080 with no instruction. So, with your help I was able to increase that by 290 points! I'm very pleased! Thanks again and take care.

I took the official GRE last night and am glad to report that it went extremely well. The range scores that they gave me were 570-670 on the verbal and 740-800 on the math. These scores are far better than I had hoped for and am really excited about it. My essays were certainly no masterpieces but I followed the script and was able to finish and make some edits for each of them. Thank you for all the help and let me know if you want me to write a recommendation for your course. It made a huge difference!

Sherpa Prep course is one of the best courses I've ever taken for standardized tests: I took the revised GRE exam and found that Sherpa had done an excellent job at preparing me for all sections of the exam. Their strategies are smart and simple, clarifying what are ostensibly impossible problems. The classes are small and the instructors are capable and approachable. I found no surprises on the exam day, and felt confident and capable during the entire exam. I know for sure I would not have done as well as I did if I hadn't taken the course. I strongly recommend this program for those interested in taking the exam.

I just finished. You're getting an email before my Mom! :)

790 math
730 verbal

Sigh of relief. THANK YOU SO MUCH. No way I would have done nearly as good without your help and without you telling me I could. I really appreciate it.

Hey guys, I just finished! Here are my initial thoughts on the revised GRE: it was a lot easier than the practice exams and almost completely in line scorewise with the ets book test. My scores:

Verbal - 670-770
Math - 660-760

Needless to say I'm thrilled it's over and happy with my score. Thanks for all your help and instruction – I couldn't have done it without you guys!!

So I am happy to report back that I am done with the GREs.  I took the test this afternoon and my scores were much, much higher than I thought they would be considering I ran out of time (as has been my habit), and since I felt like I wasn't focused enough to complete the verbal section with anything but mediocre attention. All in all my verbal score was 670 and my math score was (GASP- I'm waiting for them to send me a notice that this was actually wrong) a 770. I'm hoping that I wasn't just delirious at the end of the test or something because I could barely believe my eyes. I even had a split second moment of wanting to cancel my scores but just resigned myself to, what I assumed would be, my terrible fate.

I am just very pleased to feel like this chapter is closed - unless some grad school wants better, about which I will argue with them directly. Haha. But I have to thank you because I know if had I not having taken this class my scores would very certainly have been quite dismal. My initial math score in taking the computer-based GRE was 550 for math (a 220 point increase.) So thank you very much! I wish you the best and hope you are enjoying your weekend! Thanks again.

My scores for the revised GRE:

Quantitative: 750-800
Verbal: 600-700

I'm pretty happy with that – I couldn't really ask for much better. There wasn't anything that went uncovered in class. Thanks for all you help these past 8 weeks with teaching and helping me reschedule classes to deal with my issues. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Hi Jouya, I don't know whether you remember me, but since I was one of the more annoying students in your class, I think there's a good chance. I just took the GRE and I figure I should let you know how I did.

Quantitative - 760
Verbal - 600

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. You definitely brought my score up, at least, 200 points. In all sincerity, you were a huge help and a great teacher!

I just wanted to write to say a very big thank you to you, but especially to Martin and Seth. They were both excellent teachers and I was really happy with all the handouts and problem sets and especially the tips they passed along. I'm really excited to report that my scores were verbal 580 and quantitative 800, which combined were plenty over my goal of 1300. Again, many thanks!

I just wanted to thank you and the Sherpa program for such an excellent course. I took the GRE a few hours ago, and I scored a 730 on the Quantitative section and a 640 on the Verbal. That's a bump of 150 and 90 compared to my score last year, respectively. Again, thank you so much! Best $450 I've ever spent!

I wanted to relay that I did very well on my recent GRE exam!  My scores were 760 math, 540 verbal. I improved my score by a combined 160 points and have a great shot to get into a top Ph.D. engineering program!  Thank you for the help!

I took the Sherpa Prep course for the new revised computer-based GRE. I just took the test and felt very prepared--there were no surprises and I walked away happy with my scores. I found Sherpa online and took a chance, I'm glad that I did. I needed something to keep me on a study schedule and to help me know where I needed to focus my attention. I found that Sherpa gave me exactly what I needed to stay on track. The small classes were a big plus! I would (and will) recommend this company to anyone preparing for the GRE.

I took the Sherpa GRE prep course, and improved my score 240 points overall--from 580 to 730 on the Quantitative and from 550 to 640 on the Verbal. Sherpa gives you the tools and the attention you need to excel. I could not be happier with the end result, and am happy to recommend Sherpa Prep to anyone!

I signed up for Sherpa Prep after my friend suggested it to me, and I was extremely satisfied with the course. Not only was the class less expensive than some of the other big name testing prep companies, but the classes were small, the materials and course outlines were thorough and easy to understand, and my instructor, Nafeez, was great. It was very apparent that Nafeez was not only extremely knowledgeable, but that he actually enjoyed teaching, making his class very enjoyable. He did a great job of explaining the material and was very patient and willing to answer questions- both in class and at home. I actually looked forward to going to class after a long day of work, and after glancing at some other test prep books, it's obvious to me I made the right choice with Sherpa!

This course exceeded my expectations. The course content was test specific, the instructor extremely knowledgeable, and each student in the small class size was given individual attention based on needs. The course is less expensive than the big-name review classes, and my score improved by over 300 points. My instructor Nafeez was fantastic. A combination of knowledge, patience, and a love of teaching made this experience both helpful and enjoyable. I recommend Sherpa Prep for anyone taking the GRE or GMAT.

Just got back from taking the GRE.  I got an 800 on Math and 750 on Verbal!  The course was very helpful.  It taught me very useful techniques and to use time effectively.  I was taught by 3 of the instructors over 8 sessions (Sarah, Jouya and Seth) so I can see that Sherpa's curriculum is well designed and well run, and its instructors are excellent.  I will certainly recommend it to other students.  Sarah was my main teacher.  Thank you Sarah!

I had a wonderful experience with Sherpa. I did the GRE course followed up with private tutoring with Jay. It was absolutely worth every penny! My score improved significantly and Jay made everything so easy to understand. I felt extremely prepared for the exam and am thrilled with the results. I would recommend this to anyone serious about getting a good score on the GRE, this is the best program out there at a VERY reasonable price!

Hi Sarah, I hope you are having a great week. I just wanted to thank you and let you know my GRE scores from today. I received a 640 on quant and a 630 on verbal. I cannot believe it. I'm still in shock. My first practice test was a 430 verbal and a 420 quantitative ... that's coming a long way!! It's such an improvement from our first practice tests. There is no way that I could have done this without your help. Thanks for the encouragement and for walking me through the test step by step. I'm really grateful for the program. One of my friends even signed up to take the class after I told her about it.

Jay, I wanted to thank you for all your help as I prepared and to let you know that I've already recommended your GRE prep course to two people. I think you offer a much better experience than what some friends of mine received from your national competitors.  You and Sherpa Prep have greatly exceeded my expectations. I appreciate all your help.

I was skeptical when I first registered for the GRE prep course because it was considerably cheaper than Kaplan or Princeton Review, but I was thrilled with the personalized level of instruction and the knowledge of the instructors (not to mention the price). It made an unpleasant experience (standardized test prep) much with more tolerable.

Hi Jay! I just wanted to let you know that the "great-test taker Laiah" showed up to the testing center today!  I got 610 on math and 580 on verbal.  Nearly exactly my goal :)  I'm really pleased and relieved and wanted to share the good news with you.  I am so appreciative of all of your help and support through these last few months.  I couldn't have done it without you!

I just took the GRE's today. I got 480 on verbal and 730 on math. I am happy I reached my 1200 goal. Thanks so much for all of your useful tricks. This class was incredibly helpful, I'm really happy I took it!  I've taken prep classes before for the SAT's, which were more expensive and not as helpful, so I am definitely grateful. Thanks again!!!

Just finished taking the GREs. I went from a 400 to 590 on verbal and 500 to 710 on quant. Major progress thanks to y'all. Thanks for the support - it proved to be an excellent investment. Many thanks.

Hey Sherpa, I just took the GREs. I went up 100 points in my verbal from a 540 to a 640! I could have done even better if I had kept up with my vocab. I got a 760 on my quantitative too!  Working with Seth was great. He is extremely knowledgeable and working with him was a pleasure. There was a wide range of abilities in my class and he handled that very well. Thanks so much!

Jay, it was a pleasure meeting you and Martin yesterday. First class was tremendous -- I swear I could literally feel the rust falling off my brain. After yesterday, I feel that this goal might be in reach. Thanks again.

Hello Sarah! I hope you haven't forgotten me! Just took the GRE this morning after studying some extra weeks! Went from 480 math to 700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING! Thank you so very, very much for helping me!

Seth, I just wanted to let you know that I took my exam yesterday and was really happy with my scores.  I got a 650 in quantitative and 690 in verbal.  I improved about 200 points from my first practice test in quantitative and more than 200 points in verbal.  What a relief! Thanks for all of your help. I know the class really helped me out.  Pass my thanks to Jay as well.  It's great that you guys make the class so affordable and convenient.  Many thanks!

The Sherpa Prep course really prepared me for the GRE and for the actual test day experience. My scores improved significantly! The customer service aspect was great too. When I did terribly on my first GRE, Sherpa Prep's free repeat policy allowed me to try again without consequence. This course definitely improved my chances to succeed on the GRE. Thank you Jay and Seth!

I was in Seth's class that ended Dec. 8th and just got my scores back so I thought I'd pass them along.  I scored 720 on the verbal, 630 on the math. I was very pleased with the verbal, and the math score was probably the best I could expect. Your class was definitely worth the money!

Thanks for an awesome class Jay!

I took the test yesterday. I got 560 on verbal and 700 on quant. My verbal score improved by 190 points. I am really glad that I took these classes!

Hey guys, I took the exam on Saturday and got a 790 math/710 verbal. Thanks for a great class!

I am currently working on sending everyone that says anything about GRE prep, your way. It's a great class and you have been a pleasure to work with. I really appreciate it :)

I am very excited about the class. I recognize the simplicity in the method that you are teaching – it takes soooo much of the guesswork out of the test!

The GRE went well today – I got a 690 on math and 670 on verbal! The notes were very helpful. Thanks for the class!

I want to thank you. I just took the GREs and got a 1050, the highest score that I've ever gotten! Your notes and advice made a huge difference, and I wanted to let you know! Again, thank you. I really appreciated your class.

Just letting you know that I took my GREs and got an 800 in Math! Thank you for all the help, I used a lot of the techniques you gave us in class and reviewed the packets and all went well! Thank you for a great class.

I just wanted to tell you that all the work really paid off for the GRE's and again thank you for all of your help. I took the GRE's end of February and scored even better than I had hoped! I know that Jouya has been of great help to many with his test prep instructions and I'm appreciative that he was able to be an instructor for Katherine and myself!

I will definitely recommend you to all my friends, the classes are fantastic and you're just great! Thank you so, so much. Have a great weekend!

I finally took the GRE yesterday - 730 math, 570 verbal. I am very excited about my score!

I finally took the GRE, and wanted to let you that I ended up doing great: Quantitative - 700, Verbal - 570. Thanks again for a great class, I am sooo glad that I took it. It really helped me a lot and I'll be sure to recommend it to friends in the future! (Though the most common response is "testes... really?" hahaha, I assure them the Test and Ease are two separate words:)

I just wanted to let you know I finally took the GRE's. I got a 550 on verbal and 620 on math! Thank you so much for your help, you really made the whole process easier, your tricks helped me a lot!

I am just writing this e-mail to inform you that I got accepted into George Washington University's Speech Pathology Program last week. I am Very Excited! I want to thank you for your wonderful class. I thank you so much for everything that you taught me. I try to recommend you to everyone! Peace and Blessings.

Jouya was a great teacher. He has definitely made me feel prepared for the exam. I would recommend him/the classes for anyone planning to take the exam. Thanks again!

Just took the test and miraculously scored a 500 on the math. Thanks so much for your help with this. You really helped me get ready for the test!

I took the GRE yesterday and got 650 on the verbal and 610 on the math. My scores on the first practice test were 500-something verbal and 400 math so I'd say the class was a huge help. Thanks again!

I am really enjoying the classes and think they are a great help!

I really liked your teaching style and methods. Thank you so much.

Last summer, I knew ZERO math. I'm not kidding, I couldn't divide, I had forgotten literally everything about triangles and angles and (/completely/) everything. The last time I had taken a math course was in sophomore year of high school. I've been out of college for a while, so I didn't know what to expect coming into a GRE prep course. I was completely surprised. This is the single greatest investment I have EVER made, hands down. Nasheed was the best! I went from being able to do no math at all…to being more than competent at everything I needed to do. I gave myself enough time to take the GRE twice, but I didn't need to! I applied to schools, and I was accepted to Stanford, Cornell, and UCLA. Schools were courting ME! I am NOT the kind of person that gets accepted to these places. But Nasheed is an amazing, intelligent person that is capable of taking someone like /me/ and getting them into places like Stanford. Her optimism is contagious, she'll make sure you are doing your work, she'll push you to be your best, and she knows her stuff. And you'll have fun! Best of all, she'll also reply to your whiny late-night emails complaining about that GRE problem you couldn't solve…FAST, and with the solution that draws on the material you've gone over in class. I start next fall in sunny California at my TOP school and first pick—and I couldn't be happier! I absolutely recommend Sherpa Prep to anyone considering grad school. Thanks Nasheed!

My natural inclination was to go for the big name prep institutions but I decided to evaluate other providers in the DC metro area. I stumbled upon Sherpa and felt confident in the representations made online. I signed up for the GRE Course and to date it is one of the best classes I have "Ever" taken (and I've taken many, around the world). The delivery was spot-on! How could anyone forget a FUQ and an ASSWHOLE in relation to a math topic, or anything else for that matter? Nafeez was incredible as an instructor and he really helped to de-mystify some of the dreaded math concepts I hadn't encountered in almost two decades.. Great job! Great guy! For me, it was truly transformational and the lessons learnt far transcended the GRE course itself. It was a paradigm shift which introduced me to a whole new way of thinking. Kudos!

Sherpa is by far the best study course in the DC area. Aside from being more than reasonable in their pricing (only cost a third of Kaplan or Princeton Review), the course material was more comprehensive, the class size was small for more personal interaction, and all of the instructors scored in the 99% of the exam so they really know how to take a test. Our instructor Jouya was extremely personable as well as knowledgeable, and explained every concept in multiple ways so as to ensure that everyone understood. The class did not progress until everyone understood the lesson. My weakest subject for the exam was the verbal. On my first practice test, I scored a 45%. On the actual GRE, I scored a 72%. My math went from 70% to 85%. Jouya really cared about his students, and there wasn't a single moment that he wasn't available during the week to answer any questions. If you want to get into a grad program, Sherpa is the best prep course out there, no contest.

After doing a quick Google search for an affordable GRE test prep class, I came across Sherpa Prep. Although skeptical first, the first class dispelled all my doubts and fears about the legitimacy of the class and the knowledge and breadth of the materials. I took the course in Washington, DC with Nasheed. She was a vital resource and was very knowledgeable about both the Quantitative and Verbal section. The way she taught the class was excellent, and I saw a 12-point jump in my verbal score, and a 14-point jump in my quantitative score. The math bible was particularly helpful, as there were times I was running out of problems for certain concepts. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for an affordable preparation for the GRE.

I took the new GRE on Sunday after taking your GRE course with Seth for the past 8 weeks. I don't know my official scores yet but I got a range of 710-800 on the math and 750-800 on the verbal. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks so much for a great class! It made taking the test so much less stressful.

Hello! I just wanted to thank both of you for all your help in preparing for the GREs. Your videos on the math portion were extremely helpful, and the in-class discussions and "tips" to efficiently answer the questions made a big difference. I took the GREs this past weekend, and I'm happy to close the book :)

Hello! I just wanted to thank both of you for all your help in preparing for the GREs. Your videos on the math portion were extremely helpful, and the in-class discussions and "tips" to efficiently answer the questions made a big difference. I took the GREs this past weekend, and I'm happy to close the book :)

Great program that provides all the resources you need to achieve your ideal score. I consider the cost savings to merely be an added bonus. There was no problem I found on the exam that we did not cover in class. As stated below, the detailed practice packets, small class size, and overall structure of the course were key. My instructor, Nafeez, was very knowledgeable and helpful . He made the class not just bearable, but enjoyable. I think that says a great deal about the quality of the program.

Seth and Jay, I just wanted to let you know that I took the new GRE today and thanks to you got a range of 1370-1560 for my combined score! I am thrilled with this especially given my diagnostic scores of 1160-1360 back in July. I am feeling pretty confident about getting into my desired program now with this score so thank you so much for that. Sherpa was a great experience for me and the strategy guides have been basically my bible for the past two and a half months. I put in a lot of time on my own but I never would have been able to achieve the same results without Seth's instruction and the strategy guides (plus your video explanations).

Jay, I hope you are not disturbed to know that every time I read a GRE question I hear it in your voice after having watched all the videos! Thanks again guys!

Yeah, I agree with the folks below. Nothing on the test was outside what I expected, and I'm sure I was as prepared as I could have been after having taken the course and done all the practice exercises. Instructors basically go off the workbooks, but it's good to have someone to work through Q's with. The classes can be kinda informal, so if that doesn't jive with you, you may want to fork out more $$ for the other classes, but if that's not a deal for you, this is well worth it. For me it's a much better option than forking out more money for the fancier classes. I took the GRE's yesterday, and I am very happy with my scores.

Fantastic Course! I actually took the revised GRE on Friday. The estimated range they gave me was 1270-1470. Yay! It's so exciting that my score is really in that range! That's amazing!! Nothing on the exam was unexpected. I got more function and probability problems than I wanted, but everything on there was stuff the Sherpa had covered thoroughly! Thanks again, Sherpa! The strategy guides were amazing and I couldn't have done this without your help.

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I finally took the GRE. I placed in the 70th percentile for math (not too shabby based on my low expectations) and I fully rocked the verbal section with a 170 (800). Thanks again for all of your help and for creating an affordable alternative to the Kaplan test preps of the world. I thought Nasheed was great. It's not easy to stay upbeat and keep things moving when teaching a long evening class, but she managed to.

Jay, I hope that you and your family are doing great, and your baby boy is growing fast! Hopefully his sleeping schedule is more like yours by now! Thank you again for being such a great teacher and GRE coach. I finally took the test, and my score report came in the mail yesterday. Here are my results:

Verbal: 166 = 700, percentile 97
Quant: 154 = 690, percentile 67
Total: 1390

I wouldn't have done this well if it wasn't for your teaching and coaching. Thanks a million for your advice, your energy and teaching skills! I almost miss going to prep class...

Hey Seth, wanted to let you know my scores on the new GRE. I got 610-710 on the Verbal and 650-750 on the Quantitive Reasoning, far better than I'd done on any of the practice tests. I wanted to say thank you for all your help. The class was fantastic, and I know I wouldn't have done so well without it. Thanks and take care.

My exam went Great! 750-800 on verbal and 650-750 on math. I'd definitely say I'm pretty pleased with these scores.

Hey Seth, thanks very much for your help in the course! It was really helpful. Yesterday I took the new GRE and the computer said "750-800, 750-800" at the end so that's as good as I could have wished for.

The class was extremely enlightening, and enjoyable, without a single dull moment. In fact, I actually looked forward to attending class on Sundays -- a rather absurd notion in consideration of the content, but an outstanding testament to the instructor and the class. I was very fortunate to be a part of the course, as were the other students.

AMAZING PROGRAM! I took the 8-week long GRE prep class in DC. The classes are small, so each student receives a good amount of attention. My instructor Jay was incredibly smart, very personable, and willing to help in any way. I have taken other prep classes before that were twice as expensive, but not nearly as helpful! In the class, you will cover every single topic in depth and learn how to attack every type of problem. I learned so many useful tricks, and received a great amount of study material. I never thought my score would improve so much in 8 weeks, so I HIGHLY recommend Sherpa Prep to anyone who is looking to improve their scores!

I wanted to let you know that I got a Verbal 580 and Quantitative 480. I needed either 450 or above in each one or cumulative of 1000 and I satisfied both! Also, I did really well in the essays. I couldn't have done this without your help and I will recommend your program to everyone who needs one. My scores may be just average in the greater scheme, but I worked darn hard to get them (57 years old and the last time I took algebra & geometry was over 40 years ago) and without your classes I would not have been able to make the numbers I need. You made all the difference in the world. Thank you for your great class :)

I meant to write to you a few weeks ago and tell you that the revised GRE went very well for me! My range for verbal was 730-800 and math was 720-800. The math score was definitely the most surprising!! The test went well--I didn't have any issues. Thanks for all your help! I really enjoyed the class.

Sherpa Prep was fantastic. I heard about it randomly--right before I bombed the GRE on my first try. This time around I improved my overall score by 200 points--including a 130 point improvement on the math section. The instructors are great and do their best to keep the classes fairly interesting despite the content being pretty boring on its own. Seth was a great instructor, and I was able to get extra help from Martin for a decent hourly rate as well. Jay was also a huge help, and was always great about answering questions and getting right back to you. I would definitely recommend Sherpa Prep. I don't know what else Kaplan might be offering for the $550 more that it charges, but I can't imagine it being much better than my experience with this company.

I just completed a GRE course with Sherpa last Tuesday and took the test Saturday. I am elated for many reasons and give Sherpa Prep a BIG thumbs up for helping me to reach my goal. Without Sherpa my score would have been QUITE dismal. One of the biggest highlights of their program is the strength with which they teach the math portion of the test. They provide great materials to practice the kinds of questions you'll see and the classes are great at addressing key issues to focus on. Going into the class I hadn't really done this kind of math in almost a decade. I was diligent in completing the homework assignments on time and was generally very motivated to do well. By the time I took the test my math score had shot up by over 200 points. I also managed to do quite well on the verbal section and surpassed my overall goal score in taking the test. It was a wonderful feeling to knock the test out in one try, especially given the cost of the test, and I thank Sherpa for that. I have yet to see what my score on the writing portion will be but they have great experience in dealing with that part of the test and gave great advice on how to effectively tackle that section. Anyway, if you have any doubts about your ability to perform well on this test you should definitely consider enrolling in a class with Sherpa. It is WELL worth the money. Again, BIG thumbs up.

I just took the new GRE this morning and thought I'd send you a quick update.  I did well (Verbal 680-780 and Quant 560-660) and am happy with my scores. I feel I was very well prepared for the test. No surprises and if anything I think the practice exams we did were slightly more challenging that the real thing (nerves aside).  I got a lot out of the class and am very, very happy to have this test behind me now!

Jay, you magnificent motherfucker: 800M, 710V.

I actually took the revised GRE on Friday. The estimated range they gave me was 1270-1470. Yay! It's so exciting that my score is really in that range! That's amazing!!
Nothing on the exam was unexpected. I got more function and probability problems than I wanted, but everything on there was stuff you guys had covered thoroughly! Thanks again! Thanks for all the help!

I just wanted to write you an email and say thank you for running such a great program. I have always struggled with math and got a 600 on my first taking of the gre (under 50%.)  After taking the class I went up to a 680 (close to 70%) which was the score I was shooting for and probably would have gone higher if I hadn't had some ridiculous distractions going on in the room during the test. 
  In particular, I can't say enough about my instructor, Jouya.  He was a huge part of what a great experience I had and I hope you will pass along my note. I was skeptical at first taking the class because you guys didn't have the name recognition of the bigger companies but it definitely was worth it.  Thanks again and I will definitely be referring anyone I know trying to study for the GRE to you guys.

I was aiming for a 700 verbal and 600 math, but ended up with a 710 verbal and 640 math. Needless to say, I'm happy with the results!  Now it's just a matter of seeing if the schools I'm applying to will feel the same way… Thanks for all you help!

Thank you so much for all of the assistance that you provided with my GRE prep. Taking the class was a huge help and kept me on track with my studying. Though it was intense at times, I managed to stay focused with completing the lessons and practice tests, and the test was very successful for me. I scored 120 points higher on the GRE when I took it last month compared to my 2008 scores. Thank you so Much. I will continue to pass along your company to others wishing to improve their scores.

I hope this e-mail finds you well! I just wanted to report back to you about my scores:

Verbal: 590
Quantitative: 680 

These scores are right in line with the averages for the top ten MPH programs in the US - so I'm stoked. Thanks so much for everything! I would recommend Sherpa Prep to anyone.

We've all taken English, Algebra, and Geometry (if not, maybe you should reconsider your decision to go to grad school) so the material on the GRE is essentially from high school. This makes it tempting to not take a prep course... until you're stuck on question 11, run out of time, and waste your $160 because you don't accept your score anyway. I used Sherpa because a friend referred me. I am writing this because I am so pleased with my experience that I will now refer you. First, the instructor not only refreshed knowledge for me that was buried 10 years deep, their attitude instilled confidence in me that directly translated to raising my score. Specifically, Nafeez's teaching style is awesome. He is clearly enthusiastic about his students success. You can tell that he really cares about our understanding of the material. Also, it's almost uncanny how he knows what to focus more time on and which topics we have already mastered. The classes are small too, less than 8, so there are few enough people to get all the individual attention you need while avoiding the high costs of a private tutor. Speaking of which, $450 for a prep course is a fantastic value. They have done some very innovative things with study materials too. For example, instead of having an answer key with their logo on the cover, they put answers on a private YouTube channel. Now we can have the problems explained to us step by step whenever we want and it saves us loads of money. Very smart. I've also talked to over a dozen peers who have all recently taken prep courses for the GRE. Everyone who took Kaplan or Princeton Review loved their course too. We had similar material to study, taught strategies to effectively take the exam, and for the most part scored in a similar range. The big difference is that after I completed my course I am smarter than they are: they had over 30 people in their classes and paid three times as much as I did. So if you are taking the GRE use Sherpa Prep because they have the most knowledge about the exam, the best instructors, the best study materials, and it costs three times less then other prep courses.

I can't say enough good things about Sherpa. I was really skeptical starting out because of the low price and the goofy name. However, like most of you, I couldn't afford to fork over a grand at minimum for Kaplan or PR so I went for Sherpa. My math went from below 50% up to 70%. I had a great instructor (Jouya) and the review packets they give you for math are AMAZING and were worth their weight in gold.

Sherpa Prep does what most other test-prep centers fail to do: combine quality with cost effectiveness. My instructor was hands-down amazing. He was very thoughtful and thorough in class. He did such a good job of breaking down difficult questions into easily digestible steps. Our instructor was also very perceptive —he had a knack for knowing when people truly do not understand a theme and, subsequently, when to slow down the pace of the class. At no time was the class sitting there dumbfounded as to what he did with respect to a difficult problem. The skills, tips, hints and tricks they provide you helped boost my own score by nearly 400 points. Don't get me wrong, you need to do the homework (which there is a lot of), but if you put in the effort, attend every class and participate, you will be amazed at the results. And for $450 bucks for an 8 week class (all materials included)…I think that's a fair price.

I felt VERY good in tackling the math. Sarah was great at breaking down the math shit-head style. She made it straight forward and simple. I don't pretend to be good at math, but she taught us how to look at problems differently - how to recognize what the question is really asking for, using time wisely, and using basic math skills to do it. She taught us how to read between the lines. Thank you so much!

Hi, I just wanted to say that I was really pleased with your program for the GRE. I raised my score over 250 points and was accepted to all 5 of the schools I applied, and I'm going to Columbia! I referred many of my co-workers to Sherpa and three of them are signing up for GRE classes with you. Keep up doing what you're doing!

Hey Jay! I took my test earlier today and I got a 1220!! (610 Math and 610 Verbal). I am pleased with these scores especially because my goal was to get a 1200. I felt prepared for the essays and I used the Sherpa Prep format. I really felt that my issue essay was super. I got 1 factorial question so I am happy that you reviewed this topic in class. I also got a nice amount of percentages but I understand this topic much better now and I think I did well on the questions!! Thank you so much for the course. You did a great job teaching and I enjoyed being a student in your class (even though I was exhausted after every single class). I felt prepared and very relaxed going into the test and I am so happy that this portion of my life is over!!  Best wishes and happy holidays.

This totally worth the money. I took a class with another program and it was more expense and not worth the money. This program is AWESOME! Everyone is extremely knowledgeable in what they are teaching, and you can ask tons of questions in and out of the classroom. The study prep material is thorough and comprehensive to what you will see on the exam. I have already referred a number of my friends to the program- it is great.

Effective and Affordable! The GRE Prep course that I took was 8 weeks long. There were plenty of time and geographical options and the price is not just competitive to their rivals, but extremely cheaper. However, the instruction time is MORE than other programs that cost twice as much and the 1:1 support is there (1:1 tutoring is available as well). The Prep Course provided plenty of resources that were tangible and effective - my scores shot through the roof and I am now competitive for grad programs.

Great course, fair price Sherpa Prep has a great operation running. In the US education system the reality is that you have to take these stupid standardized tests. Everybody can do well, but it requires time and effort. Sherpa Prep's instructors did a great job of breaking it down and figuring out how each student ticked. They also made this mind-numbing studying humorous and kept us motivated. Great job, guys! (btw, helped with the score as well: 1420)

I am not sure if I ever followed up with you after I took the exam but I rocked the math. I scored a 740 on my math!!!  Please let Sarah know that she was awesome. Nafeez was super helpful too. I referred a friend and thought that I would let you know. Hope all is well, and happy New Year!

Aaron's scores just came in and they are beautiful! I am very appreciative of your work with him, Sarah. I know that when he took his diagnostic in Sept. he was at about 550-600 in writing so what you did made a big difference for him - and means he doesn't have to take the ****** test again, which was a primary goal! I also appreciate your help giving us low key, inexpensive support in a high stress process.

My first practice exam I think I got a 1040. My final score was 1340. 670 on math and 670 on verbal. Martin was super smart and funny and the other instructor (whose name I'm forgetting) was great. He kept everyone on their toes and engaged. I have recommend your program to people. With the dems losing so bad on Nov. 2, I think you will have a rush of people trying to get into grad school!

Cecilia here, from the class of Farragut North that ended two weeks ago.  Just wanted to thank you guys for all your no-nonsense, efficient, and motivating leadership in your GRE course. I took the exam last Saturday afternoon and scored a 720 in quantitative and 530 in verbal - super happy, since I'm aiming for an Econ program for grad school next year.  You guys rock - keep demystifying that horrible exam for future generations!  Will definitely recommend for any DCist I encounter. Best of luck for both you guys too- one last thanks!!

Took the GRE today, here's how my score broke down: Quantitative: 760, Verbal: 630. I'm completely satisfied with my score and have you guys to thank for that.  The class was very helpful, particularly the last class -- I used several of those tips this morning. Anyway, thanks again for all the help!

I completed the GRE course on June 20th, 2010. I am writing to express my gratitude to Nafeez Amin. He was not only a brilliant young man with a wealth of knowledge, his attitude and intelligence puts anyone at ease. He also made himself available for questioning and always took his time to explain any question you ask him.

I could not have taken the GRE without the help of Sherpa.  All of the teachers are great, really good at explaining the material.  I took advantage of the discounted tutoring as well as the class repeat policy...my score went up hundreds of points from my first practice test. Sherpa's materials and math videos are great...you're not paying to have someone read to you out of a certified testing book.  They have really worked to design their classes and materials to all types of learners.  A really excellent program!

I finally took the GRE this morning: 620 verbal, 760 math. I'm quite satisfied with achieving my target! The Sherpa program was definitely of great help and is offered at a great price relative to the alternatives.

I made it out alive with an 1100! I am very happy with my score. I was confident with the essays -- the structure from the notes has been really helpful. Thank you for all that you have done in helping me prepare!

I took a GRE prep class with you earlier this summer and took my GRE two weeks ago and did well - my score went up about 300 points. I received a 620 on the verbal and a 610 on the quantitative section!

Thank you again for all of these amazing resources and the course set-up. I truly enjoyed Sarah's classes and her teaching style.

I just wanted to let you know that I took the GRE yesterday and I got a 1460.  I was pretty happy with it - I won't bother taking it again.  I think that the vocab list that you all have compiled is right on. Thanks for all of your help in preparing!

I'd like to thank you again for your fantastic GRE class, it was enormously helpful for me. I wanted to let you know that I took the test yesterday and ended up getting a 770 on the verbal and a 770 on the quantitative, so needless to say I am very happy with the outcome! So once again, thanks so much for the great class!

Hi! I used your company and was taught by Jay for my GRE Exam. I had great success and I am so appreciative to what you all do and how you do it!

Just want to let you know that I took the test this past weekend and did MUCH better the second time around. I'm thrilled with how I did. My verbal score went from 460 to 580! And my math score, which was previously 700, unbelievably went up to 740. I couldn't believe it went up. Thanks for all your help and tips!!!! Nafeez was the best GRE teacher evvvvvver!!

I got your name from three friends of mine who have taken your test prep course: Jennifer Sta Ana, Ellen Hatleberg and Alex Hwang. You come highly recommended, and I'm very excited to get started on my GRE prep!

I recently attended your GRE prep course in Arlington and just wanted to thank you for your help. I raised my scores (200 points in each section) and was accepted at GWU!!! So, this fall I'll be GWU grad student. Go Colonials, Ha! Thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that I got a 700 on the math and a 720 on the verbal, so my scores improved 130 and 70 points respectively. Thanks for all your help! Some people have emailed me for references about the class and I've been singing your praises. As I said to the last girl, "I recommend Test-Ease to anyone!" I hope she reads it out loud.

BTW, I think you've created a great company. I've endorsed you informally to my friends, but would totally write something up for the website if you want.

I just received a 720 Q, 690 V, and 6 Analytical Writing! I had a great experience and am happy to recommend Sherpa.

I just wanted to let you know that I took the GRE on Saturday and scored a 1460---680 verbal, and 780 quantitative. The course was a huge help! Thank you.

I took the GRE today and managed a 750 verbal. My overall score improved 140 points from my first try at the GRE! Your class helped 100%. Thank you again.

I wanted to let you know that I did very well on my GRE and got into GW's School of Public Health! It was great having Jouya as an instructor and I appreciate all his help with GRE prep!

Thank you for a great class!

I recently referred two students to your test prep program, Katharina Hess and Anne Stepusin. I had a great experience with Sherpa Prep and will continue to recommend others to your program!

BTW, Phoebe Jones recommended your company. She recommended you strongly over the larger companies.

Well, it's all over... Ended up getting a 780 Q 680 V. Your notes were great, though I didn't get ANY probability or combinatorics questions! I have recommended your services to a few interested parties, and I wish you the best of success, though I hope they all score well below me. Thank you!

I took the GRE class in October 2008 with Sarah. It was a great class!

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