Nov 4 through Jan 8

Mondays and Wednesdays
5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (EDT)
$799or $199/mo

Cost: $799. Includes book, exams, and more!

Our 8-week GRE course provides total coverage of every portion of the GRE and strategies for solving any type of problem. Each class is led by instructors with scores in the 99th percentile and limited to 12 students or fewer.

With detailed homework assignments to keep you on track, our course is perfect for students who want comprehensive structure, guidance and support from the convenience of their home!

Need an Extra Hand? We go the extra mile.

To ensure that our students are covered — no matter the need or circumstance! — we offer unlimited free office hours every Sunday evening that you can attend even after your course ends, as well private check-ins with your instructor.

In addition, Sherpa students can enroll in a second course one time, free of charge, for any reason and receive heavily subsidized 1-1 help for just $65 per hour, should they want it.

Have a different question? Contact us!

You can. If you choose to enroll in a course that's currently underway, we will reach out to you by email to help you reschedule any class that you've missed, free of charge!

Our courses have no registration deadlines. We do, however, encourage students to sign up as soon as possible, as our classes are small. If you wait until the last moment to register, you may find that the course you want is no longer available.

When you enroll, our books are automatically shipped by Amazon Prime and usually arrive in 1 to 3 days. Electronic access can also be provided, should you need it!

Our students are welcome to make up any class that they miss. For a $10 rescheduling fee, we are happy to have our students attend an identical class that occurs on a different date or time, or at a different location. There is no limit to the number of classes that a student can reschedule. If you’ve missed a class, you can make it up! To reschedule, send an email to, letting us know which class you missed (e.g. class 3 on July 10th), and we’ll send you a list of every upcoming option.

Once our course ends, students have a number of support options that they can access at any time. They can:

  • 1. Attend our unlimited free office hours on Sunday evenings.
  • 2. Receive private instruction at our heavily-subsidized “student rate” of $50 an hour.
  • 3. Enroll in a second Sherpa GRE course, at no cost, for up to one year from the start date of their original course.

In addition, students can schedule 1-1 check-ins with their instructor at any time for extra guidance and advice!


Mon 11/ 4
5 p.m.
Wed 11/ 6
5 p.m.
Mon 11/11
5 p.m.
Wed 11/13
5 p.m.
Mon 11/18
5 p.m.
Wed 11/20
Mon 11/25
5 p.m.
Wed 11/27
5 p.m.
Mon 12/ 2
5 p.m.
Wed 12/ 4
5 p.m.
Mon 12/ 9
5 p.m.
Wed 12/11
5 p.m.
Mon 12/16
5 p.m.
Wed 12/18
5 p.m.
Mon 12/23
Wed 12/25
Mon 12/30
5 p.m.
Wed 1/ 1
Mon 1/ 6
5 p.m.
Wed 1/ 8
5 p.m.