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We know that most GMAT companies promise “small classes”, the “best instructors", or the “personal experience”.


We prefer to let the data speak for itself. From the length of our course to our free office hours to our guaranteed class sizes, we think you’ll see that no one compares to Sherpa.

The Price: $1,099.
Here’s What’s Included.

Our 12-session, 40-hour GMAT course meets in-person and provides Sherpa’s 18 proprietary GMAT guides, the Official 2019 GMAT Bundle, and 8 computer-adaptive practice tests, free of charge.

What's Included

The Only GMAT Course Taught by 99th Percentile Instructors with 10,000+ Hours of Experience

There’s a difference between scoring well and teaching well. Our instructors are full-time specialists who’ve taught the GMAT all day, every day, for years.

Our Instructors

No other company offers this level of expertise. No other company comes close.

In Addition, Every Sherpa GMAT Course Guarantees:


Our students can get free help every Sunday evening at our Dupont Circle location.


We limit our courses to an average of 12 students to ensure that classes are interactive and student-friendly.


Our instructors meet privately with every student three times per course to provide further help and encouragement.

A Sunday morning GMAT course at our Dupont Circle location

Need an Extra Hand?
We Go the Extra Mile.

We know that education is not one size fits all. To ensure that our students are covered—no matter the need or circumstance!—every Sherpa GMAT prep course also includes:

Our Free Repeat Option

Enroll in a second course one time, free of charge, for any reason. No fine print. No restrictions.

Flexible Scheduling

Make up any class that you’ve missed or can’t attend for just $10 per class.

Extra In-Person Help

Get heavily discounted one-on-one help during or after your course for just $50 per hour.

Targeted Repeating

Retake up to 4 classes — your choice! — for only $25 per class.

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Real student reviews from Google, Yelp! and Trustpilot.

Sherpa is hands down the absolute best GMAT/GRE prep service in the game. Nafeez and team are literally miracle workers. The content that they've prepared: packets, test taking strategy, application support, even general matriculation strategy are totally out of this world.

The best thing about Sherpa is how invested they are in you as a student. It took me damn near a full 2yrs to "pass" the GMAT and I wholeheartedly believe it's because I didn't come to Sherpa first. Nafeez on day one knew everyone's name, our general backgrounds, our struggle points. Whatever. And the next year still knew all of the same information about me. He's been in the game so long he knows what levers to pull to get you motivated, what you need to do to succeed, and when to tell you to abandon something. As much as the program is a series of classes, you really feel like you're on a one on one personalized journey every step of the way.

See Kiersten’s full review

I can’t speak for other prep courses - however, I was a part of the Forte MBALaunch program and I can tell you that I was the only one raving about my GMAT course.

See Miranda’s full review

I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Nafeez. The Sherpa instructors are the best in DC because they KNOW this test and they truly want you to crush it. Nafeez's knowledge, strategies, tips, and tricks are magical and mind boggling at times, but I was more impressed by his dedication to his students. He remembers small tidbits you tell him and he makes the class fun and comical at times. There is no one that wants you to succeed more than him and that is a true differentiator between any other company.

See Jessica’s full review

As someone whose taken a Manhattan Prep course, purchased Magoosh GMAT (twice), and even dabbled with Target Test Prep, I'm telling you that this is the only course that you need to take. I almost gave up on the GMAT completely, but Sherpa Prep has given me new life. Nafeez is GMAT guru. If the GMAT was a martial art, Nafeez would be a 10th degree black belt. His methods and tricks that he teaches cannot be found anywhere else. Questions that you think are impossible to solve, Nafeez makes them possible, digestible, and easy! My moral towards the GMAT has improved tremendously since attending this course. I look forward to reviewing, studying, and practicing what I've learned. The materials are extremely thorough and the content is great.

See Lawrence’s full review

Let me start off by saying that choosing Sherpa Prep was one of the best investments I have ever made. Nafeez, Jay, Nasheed, and the rest of the team are incredible. It is without reservation that I can say that Sherpa Prep is the reason why I will be starting at a top 20 business school in just a few short months.

See Remy’s full review

Sherpa Prep is by far the absolute best. They care deeply about their students. The first day of class Nafeez said: "From now on, I'm on your boat" and he keeps his promise. My journey has been VERY complicated, I went through a merger at work and it was a difficult year, Sherpa was flexible and showed me how much they cared about my application to the MBA of my dreams. They stuck with me. Their classes are the best, their materials are the best, but most of all, the people at Sherpa CARE and that is what makes them so special. They want you to succeed, they want you to get into the school you want and they also do the work to help you get there! I started at 0- really Im probably the worst student they had in terms of Quant skills. Nafeez and other tutors helped me get through it all and I improved so much! I am super grateful to Sherpa!! Also, it is absurd how cheap their programs are- their quality is beyond all other programs and they still charge much much much much less!!

See VM’s full review

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