What we use to prepare you for the GMAT.

In addition to 40 hours of classroom instruction and unlimited free office hours, every Sherpa GMAT course includes the following materials, free of charge:

  • 16 exclusive GMAT Strategy Guides designed by Sherpa Prep.
  • The GMAT Official Guide, Focus Edition.
  • Six computerized practice exams.

Like our course, our materials have been designed to help you solve every question on the GMAT. They explain all of the tough concepts that no other GMAT prep book covers, as well as the easy ones.

Each Strategy Guide is devoted to a specific topic. The discussion starts with a review of the most basic concepts associated with that topic and gradually builds to a treatment of the rare and advanced nuances tested by the GMAT.

Along the way, we let you know which topics are commonly tested and which ones are not so that you can determine for yourself which topics are worth your time.

In total, our Strategy Guides include over 1,000 practice questions, sorted by topic, as well as by difficulty, so that you can focus on any level of material and on any topic that you like.